Chef Zeb Stevenson

Zeb Stevenson, a former Cornell art major, has risen through the ranks to make a culinary name for himself in Atlanta. Zeb thrived as a young sous chef at the renowned Dick & Harry’s restaurant where he honed his technical skills of butchery, charcuterie, pastry and sauce work. He then advanced his career taking on the position of executive sous chef and opening Spice Market while training under Jean-Georges Vongerichten, one of the world’s best and most famous chefs. Zeb’s next career move led him to The Livingston as chef de cuisine collaborating with chef Gary Mennie and he was quickly promoted to executive chef. During his tenure at The Livingston, he won Food Network’s “Chopped” cooking competition and opened Proof + Provision speakeasy, which became an immediate success. Zeb is USDA certified in canning which adds unique creativity to his repertoire. Zeb has evolved into a forward thinking chef and his commitment to local and sustainable ingredients allows him to be at his creative best.

Local, seasonal, soulful dishes inspired by Southern tradition and prepared with present day artistry.

WatershedChef Zeb Stevenson